Next match: Aug 27, 2016 – Salute to Revolvers

*July Match NOT rescheduled

Salute to Revolvers Match, same normal IDPA rules and guns but all mags get limited to 6 rounds only. This is a very fun match that sets the competition more equal, hope you see you there.

Dear Fellow Shooters,
I am so sorry for any inconvience that I caused any of you for cancelling the match at Mecklenburg Wildlife Club and the Mecklenburg Defensive shooters this past weekend.  As  is our policy not to cancel any match if possible it became very clear from many of you that cancelling the match would be the best thing to do due to the weather forecast.  I surveyed with many of you about your feelings and what you think would be the best path for the situation that we were facing.  Based on this information and all the info that I gathered about the weather I made the best decision that I could.  I was very concerned about the weather and what affects it would have on all involved with the match.
With this, I made the decision to cancel the match and had this put out on our website, facebook page, and as an email to our shooters group to try and let each and everyone of you know about the change but this still did not get to you all..  For this I deeply apologize and hope that you were not put out to much.   I hope that I never have to do this again but I know that this is always a possibility when you are dealing with things that you cannot control.  I hope all of you will forgive me and continue to join us as we continue to have our monthly matches at Mecklenburg.
As there are  not many people that are interested in having a match this weekend for various reasons, we will once again have our next match at Mecklenburg as our next regular match the 4th Saturday in August.  This will be our salute to revolvers as we would have done if we would have our match in July.  So again, thank you so very much for all you understanding and support.  Please accept my deepest apology for any problems that I caused you last week and I hope to see you all again as we meet again in August.  Keep shooting and enjoy yourself as we participate in the sport that we love so much.
Bruce Hurt
IDPA Match Director
Mecklenburg Defensive Shooters
Mecklenburg Wildlife Club

Scores are posted over on the Scores page.

We are not prepared to accept credit/debit card so please bring cash for the entry fee.